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Whats the Best Procedures Or Products To Ensure That The Clothing Is Disinfected In A Hospital Setting

Question: I'm the Infection Control Nurse in a psychiatric hospital. We have a contract with an outside facility to clean our linen, but patient clothing is handled in-house. There are washers and dryers on each unit to launder patient clothing. I'm concerned that the water temperature may not always be hot enough. We use powdered detergent and also have the powdered non-chlorine bleach available to use. We have purchased clothing such as sweats and scrubs for patients who may need extra clothing while hospitalized. 

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Hospital Laundry - Kitchen Towels Catching on Fire - What Would Cause This?

Question: I manage a hospital Laundry that has been challenged with cleaning the kitchen towels. Recently we had a fire in the kitchen and the rags that were processed that morning seemed to spontaneously combust into a fire. This is not the first incident of the rags/mops in the kitchen doing this. Any thoughts on what causes this?

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Wash Formula for Hospital Laundry?

Question: What is the recommended wash formula for Hospital Laundry considering blood and medicine stains?

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Operating Room Tape

Question: How do you ever get old Operating Room tape off the linen successfully? Can a dry-cleaning process remove it?
- Thanks, Carlos Marroquin


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Quick Rinse - News From Around The World

Mac-Gray Corporation’s Lighten The Load™ Initiative

WALTHAM, Mass. — Mac-Gray Corporation, a provider of laundry facilities management services to multi-unit housing locations announced that it received the Foundation’s first annual For People and Planet award in the education category. Since Mac-Gray launched its Lighten the Load(TM) initiative in 2008 with, they have partnered with 29 academic institutions to offset more than 40 million pounds of carbon.

“This award highlights Mac-Gray’s commitment to environmental sustainability. Our Lighten the Load™ initiative is helping to reduce the carbon footprints of college and university laundry programs, while educating students on the benefits of being ‘green’ in the laundry room,” said Stewart G. MacDonald, Mac-Gray’s chief executive officer.