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Hospital Linen Replacement

Question: We are presently laundering hospital owned linen for a particular hospital. For the last twenty years they had been renting linen. Do you have any idea of what they can expect to have to purchase as replacement linen (based on a percentage of the soiled weight)? Also, what is a national percentage of linen in a hospital setting that will have stains that cannot be removed (again, based on soiled weight)?
- Cherie D. Frey, Frey Laundry Services, Eunice, LA.


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Hospital Linen - How should it be handled?

Question: Our facility stores clean linen in our linen exchange room. Linen is transported through the hospital on covered carts and transferred to the linen carts in each area. These carts are covered, but if they are in a dedicated linen room we do not enforce keeping the cover down at all times. Is this correct or not?

Our linen exchange room has open shelving. Curtains have been installed to cover the shelving. Since it is a dedicated linen room, do the shelves have to be covered (We do not have positive air flow in this room)?

Our housekeeping department mops the floors and dusts the shelves weekly. Is this adequate? Should the shelves be disinfected on a regular basis? What would be considered standard practice in this area?


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Patient Care Linen Usage

Question: I am the Manager of a laundry department in a 160 bed nursing home in upstate NY and have been hoping to find some comparative linen usage data specifically related to long term care. As we tighten our belts, I am being asked to bring our laundry linen usage into line with industry averages but I have been unsuccessful in obtaining reliable usage numbers from facilities or vendors in my area. I know other long term care facilities wouldbenefit from this type of data as well.
- Thank you, Dave Zoller

I am looking for the same information. I manage the Housekeeping & Laundry at a 192 bed Nursing home in upstate New York. At present we are doing 7.2 lbs per resident day. Using two full-time aides (8 hours, 7 days per week). My laundry chemical costs run 8.9 cents PRD.
- Steve Becker

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Quick Rinse - News From Around The World

Image First Picks Garment Tracking For Clearwater Facility

CLEARWATER, Fla. — Healthcare supplier of textile rental and laundry services, ImageFIRST™ Healthcare Laundry Specialists, has selected the Fujitsu WT-A511 Ultra High Frequency (UHF) RFID tags and Positek RFID to provide garment tracking solution at its Clearwater facility.