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What Is The Linen Replacement Standard for a 1000 Room Hotel?

Question: What is the Linen replacement standard for a 1000 room hotel? How about the linen replacement standard for a spa? I heard that a bath towel only lasts an average of 28 washes. Is this correct? How about hand towels, bathmats, wash clothes, and sheets?
- Terri Pham, Hotel Operations Assistant Manager, Harrah’s Reno Casino & Hotel

Answer: I can only give you some averages because every situation can be different.  The quality and quantity of the textiles used make a difference in longevity, as does the washing process that is used. 

One way to look at the cost is as follows:
The average industry cost of laundering hotel textiles is 30-35 cents per pound processed.  Historical average cost of linen replacement has run from 13 to 25% of overall cost, so the range of replacement cost could be from 3.9 cents to 8.75 cents per pound process in the laundry.

In the replacement cost for the hotel there would be no specific cost I can give you other than what I have indicated above.  If the hotel is a 4 star property the cost would be in the 20% range of the cost per pound processed previously indicated.  The range for that would be 6 to 7 cents per pound processed for replacement cost (for every 100 pounds the replacement cost would be $6.00 to $7.00).
In the case of the spa textiles, I would suggest using the higher number due to loss, staining, etc.  Take the number of pounds you process and use the 8.75 cents per pound for your replacement cost (for every 100 pounds the replacement cost would be $8.75).

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Employee Crushes Hand on Ironer

SOMMERVILLE, Mass. — A commercial laundry has been fined by OSHA after an employee’s had was crushed while lubricating the chain of an ironer that was running. The OSHA inspection found that the machine was not de-energized prior to the maintenance that was attempted. Royal Institutional Services Inc., has been cited by OSHA for four alleged violations of workplace safety standards. The laundry, owned by Angelica Corp., faces a total of $49,935 in proposed fines.