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Removing food grease, oil, etc. from white and colored table linens

Question: We're having a problem removing food grease, oil, etc. from white and colored table linens. What are appropriate procedures and products to eliminate these stains?



Answer: Formulas and chemistry can vary depending on the type of fabric the table linen is made of. Using conventional chemistry, the linens should be flushed one or two times in warm water, between 90°F and 110°F. There should be a Break cycle with temperatures between 140°F and 170°F, depending on fabric, at 10-12 minutes in length and pH ranges from 11.5-12.0. Additionally, use of a suds operation at similar temperatures for 8-10 minutes in length and a pH range from 11.2 to 11.8. Flush after this suds and then bleach the whites. For good stain removal the chlorine should be between 125-150 PPM for cottons.

Thorough rinses followed by an anti-chlor and a souring step should leave the fabric with a final pH of 4.5-6.5, depending on the type of fabric and whether or not the linens are going to be starched.

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Emerald Textiles Chosen As Linen Services Provider For Eisenhower Medical Center

SAN DIEGO, Ca. — Emerald Textiles™, a Southern California commercial healthcare laundry provider, announced its selection as exclusive vendor of linen rentals and services for Eisenhower Medical Center. Emerald Textiles operates a technologically-advanced commercial laundry facility that saves the county of San Diego more than 700,000 therms of natural gas and expects to save 40,000,000 gallons of water annually.

“We are pleased with the quality and cleanliness that Emerald is providing and proud to work with a provider who is focused on sustainability and the environment,” said Dana Francis, director of environmental services for Eisenhower Medical Center. “Since Emerald began managing our linen services, we have happier employees and patients.”

Emerald recently received the SDG&E Savings by Design Award, in recognition for its advanced design and extreme energy efficiency. Savings by Design is an award created by the California Public Utilities Commission and San Diego Gas & Electric