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What Is The Standard For Laundries According To The Hotel Rating System?

"We are a chain of laundry stores in Ulaanbaatar Mongolia, and an Alliance Laundry Systems distributor selling industrial laundry equipment. We keep getting this question: what is the standard for laundries according to the hotel rating system? For example what are the laundry room requirements for 3 stars, 4 stars or 5 stars Hotel?"

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Imported Textiles – How do they stack up? How do they wash up?

I am not from a textile linen company, nor do I represent an interest in any textile linen distribution. That being said, I do have opinions and information that could differ from those types of sources. My interest is in the chemical technicians and the companies who are responsible for providing quality textile-cleaning results, specifically, the institutional textiles that are used in the healthcare and hospitality industries.

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Sheets – Are There differences

Quite often I hear discussions about sheets and the quality that a particular customer might be purchasing. Sheets differ in thread count, yarn size and sewing quality, and for the purposes of this column I willdiscuss blends, not exotics like silk or nylon.

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Hotel and Motel Laundry Cost Factors

Like many companies that are dependent on travelers, The hotel and motel industry has taken a hit. Owners and managers have had to review all areas of expenses and cost, including their linen service. In the case of properties that have on-premise laundries, the laundry department has had to look at saving money with variable costs.

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Quick Rinse - News From Around The World

Laundry Employee Gets Trapped

DALLAS, Texas — An employee of Crown Health Care Laundry Services, died at Vaughn Regional Medical Center after being trapped inside a dryer. The 28-year-old was trying to remove lint when the machine malfunctioned.