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Set Standards, Then Execute

Many laundry operations use a number driven process to determine production standards. Those standards are the best way to measure performance. The process of measuring performance impacts motivation and results.

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Assessment Tool Shopping

Last month we asked ourselves if implementing standardized tests to candidates was worth the effort. If you are still unsure then take some time to review the past 12 to 24-month history of your employees.

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Stack Your Deck

Last year I received a letter from a general manager I had met at the Production Management Institute. During our initial conversation at PMI he struck me as a forward thinking pro-active manager who recognized the importance of recruiting in today's business world. You may remember him from my last column - he was the general manager who successfully used radio advertising as a means of attracting talent. In this month's column I would like to share parts of his letter with you in hopes you will find this concept about "stacking your deck" useful in your facilities.

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Assessment Tools - Are they worth the effort?

Some hiring managers swear by them, while others do not have the time or inclination to make them part of the selection and / or development process.

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The Importance of Introspection in a Tight Marketplace

"I have seen the enemy - and it is us." The quote taken from the Pogo cartoon strip rings true in many areas of our life, and I think of it sometimes when I hear managers tell me they cannot find good candidates to hire. The examples I use below are those specific to route sales representatives, however, the underlying principals apply to all aspects of our industry.

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Quick Rinse - News From Around The World

Gulf Coast Laundry Acquired by Swisher Hygine

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Swisher Hygiene Inc., a provider of hygiene and sanitation products and services, announced that it acquired Gulf Coast Laundry Services of Mississippi, LLC (“Gulf Coast Laundry Services”), a Mississippibased linen services company.

Gulf Coast Laundry Services provides linen rental and laundry services throughout southern Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama, primarily to hotel, casino and resort customers. Concurrent with the acquisition, the founder of Gulf Coast Laundry Services, David Gross, will join Swisher Hygiene and contribute to the continued growth of its linen services business.

Total consideration paid by Swisher Hygiene in connection with the acquisition includes approximately $4.8 million in cash and the issuance of a convertible promissory note which may be converted into a maximum of 350,000 shares of Swisher Hygiene common stock subject to certain restrictions, including acceptance by the Toronto Stock Exchange.