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CLEAN 2011 Educational Sessions

One of the best features of the Clean Show is the educational session lineup.

Below you’ll find some of the educational sessions that will be available to you in Las Vegas. All sessions are between 8 and 10 in the morning. Sessions are included in the show registration fee and are open to all Clean Show attendees.


Tuesday, June 7—8:00- 10:00
The Environmental Benefits of Reusable Textiles The American Reusable Textile Association presents technologies, life cycles and testimonials that address the benefits of reusable textiles in healthcare and hospitality markets.


Monday, June 6—8:00- 10:00
Time for a Wake-Up Call The structure of today’s healthcare system is rapidly changing and the future outcome still unknown. One thing is certain…asset management is fundamental. This program examines the process to reduce textile replacement cost through standardization efforts and examining bes t value over lowest cost for an item. Speaker: Ken Tyler

Tuesday, June 7—8:00- 10:00
Roles, Responsibility and Regulations When laundries were operated within the walls of the hospital the regulations were simple. Today, the varying structure of laundry operations makes it difficult to determine what rules apply and who is responsible. Former CMS (Center for Medicare Services) compliance officer Tom Schiedel clarifies these points and provides guidance

Wednesday, June 8—8:00- 10:00
Voice of the Customer Marketing laundry services is critical to growth, but how much time is spent listening to the customer? Does management know what customers perceive as valuable? One key to implementing Lean Six Sigma successfully is listening to customers and building processes to allow them to pull value from your enterprise. Speaker: Edward Kwasnick

Linen Distribution Workload Measurement Tool During the recent economic downturn, staffing to workload has been identified as a huge opportunity in the services industry. Workload measurements and tools combined with a deliberate approach are required to manage staffing levels and satisfy customer demands. This presentation outlines four steps to achieve success in this complex environment. Speakers: Cynthia Molko and Ray Besset

Thursday, June 9—8:00-10:00
Checklist for Laundry Safety A safe laundry operation is fundamental to a solid operation. The costs of injury can be devastating, both personally to the individual(s) injured and financially to the operation through workers compensation costs and/or fines. This program provides a checklist for laundry safety issues. Speaker: Dr. Scotty Dunlap


Tuesday, June 7—8:00-10:00
Challenges for Professional Textile Care An overview of trends and practical solutions developed by industry experts around the globe. Future business can only be profitable on the basis of a certified and guaranteed quality and customer service. Professionals will win the match on quality, however at what price? Hear clear and practical data as to how we can advocate sustainability and improve quality and services at the same time. Speakers: Peter Wennekes, Dr Ir. Henk Gooijer and Chris Tebbs.

Wednesday, June 8—8:00-10:00
Sustainable Industrial Laundering and Market Demands 2011 – 2030 Get an overview of the main trends and long-term expectations for industrial laundering and other textile services. Following is a discussion on the necessity of introducing certified procedures to guarantee minimum requirements and validate the supply of linen by textile service companies and laundries. Energy saving and sustainable processing have been on the agenda of the European laundry industry for years. Environmental awareness has increased considerably. The textile service industry has achieved great accomplishments. Hear an overview of today’s best practices and achievements and tomorrow’s perspectives. Speakers: Peter Wennekes, Dr. Ir. Henk Gooijer, Dr. Stephen McGoldrick, and Dr. Ludger von Schoeneback.


Tuesday, June 7—8:00-9:00
Ozone…the New Green Describes the benefits of using ozone in laundry. Identifies the four methodology types and the advantages of all four markets that are most suitable for ozone. Learn how to choose suppliers that offer the best solution and answer clients’- concepts related to system design, installation practices, programming, maintenance and health concerns related to the product. Speaker: Alain Belanger, Coinmatic

9:00-10:00 Reusable Textiles: the Best Clinical Choice for Infection Control As infection control becomes an ever-growing concern for healthcare facilities, laundries and healthcare textile suppliers need to work together to promote the advantages of reusable over the disposable alternative. The session examines what compelling arguments can be introduced to nurses, clinicians and related healthcare personnel to make the best-informed decision. Speaker: Gabriel Boardman, MIP


Tuesday, June 7—8:00-9:00
New Market Figures, Trends and Developments in German-Speaking Markets An overview of the most important market developments in Europe. Speaker: Andreas Schumacher, intex – German National Association

Waste Water from Industrial Laundries: Threat or Opportunity Speaker: Maarten Van Severen, FBT, Belgian national Association

Easy Ways to Decrease Water and Energy Consumption Looking at usage levels of water and energy in European laundries and factors that influence them. Speaker: Charlie Betteridge, Christeyns GmbH

Carbon Footprint Reduction for Laundries An overview of innovative solutions to reduce carbon footprint in laundries. Speaker: Frank Everts, Ecolab

Increased Productivity for Heavy Duty Laundries Automation is the key to productivity: Speaker: Simon Nield, Director Business Region Americans, Jensen, USA

More than Feeding – New Solutions for Increased Ironer Lines Output Case studies from different continents. Speaker: Michael Harre, Kannegiesser


Monday, June 6—8:00-9:00
What You Should Know About the Updated HLAC Standards Get informed about updates and additions written into the HLAC Standards, including a new third module that covers the surgical pack assembly room. Learn how the changes will keep your healthcare laundry operation and services a step ahead and in demand by your healthcare clients

HLAC Inspection Jitters? Compliance Insights Shared by an HLAC Inspector Hear and learn firsthand what to expect during an inspection. Discussion provides valuable insights and helpful tips that will help you navigate through preparation and inspection with ease and confidence.


Wednesday, June 8—8:00-10:00
Innovations in Laundry from Independent Laundry Managers Members from the International Association for Healthcare Textile Management share the Why and How of going steamless, adding surgical pack sterilization and securing ISO 14001.


Monday, June 6—8:00-9:00
International Textile Services Market Interactive panel of international leaders of textile services associations on emerging operational trends, supply chain concerns and regulatory issues. Gain insight into new concepts, best practices and innovative management strategies effective in international markets and better understanding of practices and procedures successful for textile service operators expanding into new markets, increasing productivity and streamlining operations for maximum profitability and growth. Speakers: Murray Simpson, Textile Services Association (United Kingdom), Andreas Schumacher, Industrieverband Textil Service (Germany), Robert Long, European Textile Services Association, Maaten Van Severen (Belgium), Joseph Ricci, Textile Rental Services Associations (United States)

Regulatory and Legislative Update EPA, Department of Labor and NLRB are advancing more than 100 proposed rules, regulations and policy changes covering contracting, ergonomics, safety, labor and union organizing. Get updated on increased enforcement actions and legislative initiatives impacting the textile services industry. TRSA is the only organization fighting for fair, balanced regulation and probusiness tax and labor policy; learn how you can get involved! Speakers: David Potack, Unitex Services and Chair, TRSA Government Relations Committee, and Kevin Schwalb, TRSA Director, Government Relations and former Presidential Appointee at the U.S. Department of Labor

Tuesday, June 7—8:00-9:00
Safety, SafeTRSA and Enterprise Risk Management SafeTRSA helps the textile services industry reduce recordable workplace injuries and illnesses by 50% improving safety, increasing productivity and reducing liability. Receive the latest results of TRSA’s 2011 Industry Safety Report, successful negotiations with BLS and discover practical resources to promote efficient, cost-effective risk management investments including industry-specific policies, procedures, and training materials. Speaker: Panel of Industry Safety Professionals Facilitated by the TRSA Safety and Human Resources Committee

LaundryESP the Next Step: “Clean Green” Accreditation TRSA’s LaundryESP® (Laundry Environmental Stewardship Program) developed in cooperation with EPA was updated in February 2011. Gain insight into the results including best practices for reducing energy and water consumption and sustainability that reduces your impact on the environment and proven methods to leverage your environmental practices for marketing and sales. Learn about TRSA’s new “Clean Green” voluntary, multilevel accreditation program based on the success of the LaundryESP. Speakers: Jim Buckman, Cintas and Chair, TRSA Environmental Committee; and Mark Lewis, Dempsey, and Chair TRSA Marketing/PR Committee

Quick Rinse - News From Around The World

Textile Services Industry Gets National Spotlight

WILIMGTON, Mass. — Textile service executive Ronald Croatti recently appeared on the CBS-TV show “Undercover Boss.” Croatti is CEO of UniFirst Corp., in Wilmington, Mass. For most Americans watching “Undercover Boss” it was their first view inside a commercial laundry, which typically process between 10 million and 25 million pounds of uniforms, table linens, bed sheets, towels and more every year “The reusable textile services business is the original green industry,” said Ricci. “Commercial laundries reuse linen instead of filing landfills with disposable alternatives and continually discover new, innovative means to reduce energy consumption and recycle water. Our huge economies of scale allow laundries to use about two-thirds less water, energy and detergent than alternatives, such as washing at home, while hygienically cleaning textile products, improving disease control and reducing contamination.”