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Quality Knit Linens & Blankets - Made In The U.S.A.

If you’re looking for exceptional American-made quality knit linens and blankets, there’s only one company left in the USA you can turn to: Domestic Fabrics and Blankets Corp., a knit fabric and linen manufacturer located in eastern North Carolina.

With a customer list that includes NASA and the Whitehouse, Domestic Fabrics has been in business since 1958 and has a long tradition of making the best quality knit fitted sheets available. The company specializes in offering the most durable, best fitting knit linens for the healthcare market in a broad range of sizes and super-colorfast colors. Their products are used in hundreds of hospitals, nursing homes, and clinics across the country.

Domestic Fabrics and Blankets has recently updated its product offering to focus on reducing their customer’s linen ownership cost. “Domestic has always had the reputation for making the most durable, longest lasting knit fitted sheets in the marketplace” says Donna Wilfong, the new owner. “What we’ve tried to do recently is make our products last just as long but with less weight. A sheet costs ten times as much to service as it does to purchase, so long life with less weight means our customers can save a lot from lower operating costs.” The company’s line of HealthMesh® linens uses a patented ‘no run’ knit fabric and superior fitted sheet design to deliver exceptional service life. “We’ve got the facts and data to prove our products last longer,” says Uli Marker, who manages product development and brings 30 years of knitting expertise to the business.

When asked, “Why would anyone want to invest in a U.S. textile manufacturing company?” the new owner’s response was immediate and heartfelt. “We believe in America and in keeping our country strong by promoting manufacturing at home. Most healthcare linens used in the US are coming from places in the world where hatred toward America runs high. When given the chance to buy a better, more cost effective product, we believe that many environmental services and commercial laundry professionals will choose an American made product.”

Domestic products can be ordered through Phoenix Textile at www.

Quick Rinse - News From Around The World

Dirty Laundry Dumped In Northern California

MARYSVILLE, Calif. — Dirty laundry dumped on a highway in northern California stopped traffic and closed the roadway. The laundry, from an area medical center, was dumped when the driver of the big-rig transporting the laundry fell asleep at the wheel. The trailer jackknifed when the driver realized he’d drifted onto the shoulder and he tried to steer back onto the highway