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The Hidden Side Of Reusables Vs. Disposables

Both the reusable and disposable textile camps seem to wage their most heated battles in the environmental and monetary arenas. However, few good definitive studies focus on the disposable industry’s impact on the huge cost of improper care to patients, eroding healthcare morale and the loss of healthcare givers to “easierâ€? jobs, says Karen Paradee, clinical director, The Sewing Source, a healthcare textile manufacturer.

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Web-enabled Linen Tracking Here!

Institutional laundry customers want service and if you want to survive in today’s world you’d better provide it.

One way you can respond to customer demand is by implementing software and hardware systems to track linen through the cycle from customer to laundry and back to customer. The benefits of good tracking are better use of linen inventory; more accurate anticipation of customers’ needs, and improved communication between you and your customers.

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The Art & Science Of Linen Handling - More To Consider Than One Might Think

Linen handling is a subject that frequently comes up in healthcare applications, and even on occasion in the hospitality industry. Managers and department heads often depend on the chemical supplier for answers, even when it may be outside their area of expertise.

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Avoiding Financial Disaster -Tips to prevent trouble down the road

All businesses run the risk of employee theft. A common thread is that someone in charge of finances gets caught “borrowing.” Sometimes the theft is reimbursed, but many times it's not and your facility/department ends up holding the bag. Given the right opportunities, even the most unlikely employees can succumb to temptation.

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Productivity- Key To Decision Making

MORRIS TOWNSHIP, NJ served a full and useful life is often the result of weighing the maintenance and repair costs of keeping the older equipment in service against the benefits that can be gained by installing new equipment. At Morris View Nursing Home, a long term care nursing facility in Morris Township, N.J., one of the key determining factors is overall productivity.

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Quick Rinse - News From Around The World

Dirty Laundry Dumped In Northern California

MARYSVILLE, Calif. — Dirty laundry dumped on a highway in northern California stopped traffic and closed the roadway. The laundry, from an area medical center, was dumped when the driver of the big-rig transporting the laundry fell asleep at the wheel. The trailer jackknifed when the driver realized he’d drifted onto the shoulder and he tried to steer back onto the highway