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2005-2006 Textile Care Processing and Distribution Benchmarking Cost Analysis

As analysis, consultants and various levels of internal management continue to complicate and re-engineer laundry operational cost scenarios, it is apparent that laundry and facility managers require a revised cost benchmarking rule of thumb that will assist them in marketing their operations. 

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Turning Up The Thread Count – What You Need To Know

The hospitality industry has been turning up the thread count in sheets and towels.  Duvet covers on thick pillow top mattresses have also been finding their way into once “traditional” hotel closets. 

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Laundering Luxurious Linens

There is a new trend in hotel bedding. Many chains are beginning to upgrade sheet thread counts and comforter quality. They are also offering more luxurious materials and pillows than before.

The Marriott family of hotels is one of the leaders in establishing a new standard in comfort when staying at a hotel. With higher quality mattresses, down pillows, down blankets and duvet covers, staying in one of these rooms is a treat to weary travelers.

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7 Steps To Communication Success

Communication skills vary from person to person. Some people talk and never listen. Others don’t speak up at all. Some get angry and defensive. Others calmly state their opinions. One thing is for certain: Most workers could benefit from some further instruction on communicating effectively. When everyone achieves better communication skills, there will be a happier work environment, better relationships between co-workers and greater productivity.

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Towel/Sheet Reuse Program Savings

Saving money by instituting a hotel-wide towel and sheet reuse program is a smart business decision. It also conserves water and energy, helping environmental issues like water and energy shortages.  Your lack of a towel/sheet reuse program is costing you. But do you know how much?

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Quick Rinse - News From Around The World

Dirty Laundry Dumped In Northern California

MARYSVILLE, Calif. — Dirty laundry dumped on a highway in northern California stopped traffic and closed the roadway. The laundry, from an area medical center, was dumped when the driver of the big-rig transporting the laundry fell asleep at the wheel. The trailer jackknifed when the driver realized he’d drifted onto the shoulder and he tried to steer back onto the highway