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Energy Management and the Realities of the Bottom Line

Paying energy bills. It’s a necessary evil that keeps our homes warm in winter, cool in summer, lights a path to our door and brews our morning cup of coffee. Energy and utilities are critical to our everyday lives, yet the confusion and chaos of trying to understand these bills can certainly be daunting – and that’s just at home.

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Institutions Lose Too, When Residents Lose Clothing

Many times the Director of Environmental Services, or Housekeeping-Laundry Director will comment on the fact that it is commonplace for laundry staff to have resident clothing that they cannot identify. They simply don’t know who owns the garments. This sad situation is often a result of using markers on labels that wash out when clothes are laundered, or illegibly hand writing resident information labels.

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The housekeeping and healthcare markets has grown over the last decade from pushing brooms, mopping floors and making beds to include various other activities including patient transportation, parking, valet, waste management and other environmental service duties. This accounts for an 11 percent increase in outsourced services in the environmental service field from 2002-2003.


Textile Care Processing- Benchmarking Costs 2003-2004

As analysis, consultants and various levels of internal management continues to complicate laundry operational cost scenarios, it is apparent that laundry and facility managers require a cost benchmarking rule of thumb that will assist them in selling their operations i.e. justification for new systems, a new facility, obtaining new customers and probably the most important, comparing variable cost which should reflect decisions to continue in house operations or to examine the parables of outsourcing management, operations, linen rental, transportation etc.

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Clean Ducts For Your Bucks- Judging A Duct Cleaning Company and Getting your Money’s Worth

Ducts carry air through a building. They can become dirty and require cleaning or gather lint posing a fire hazard. Clean ducts are important for any facility’s safety and proper functioning but it’s not a job anyone can handle. Most people don’t have a clue how to judge a good duct cleaning company. Here are a few pointers from my two decades of experience in the business.

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Quick Rinse - News From Around The World

Crown Healthcare Meets HLAC Accreditation

BOSTON, Ma. — Crown Uniform and Linen Service / Crown Healthcare Apparel Service announced the accreditation of their second Massachusetts facility by the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council (HLAC). The service now meets HLAC standards in both the Boston and Fall River, MA processing centers.

Healthcare Laundry Accreditation ensures that the inspected facility meets or exceeds the highest standards for processing healthcare textiles as required by the commercial healthcare laundry industry and regulations established by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Crown provides a full medical scrubs service and offers a full line of hospital scrubs, lab coats, patient wear, and PPE that are in line with all compliance regulations.