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The “True” Cost of Lab Coats

The following scenario is very familiar: The phone rings and it is the purchasing agent for the laboratory. He has just spoken to a lab coat vendor that will supply coats for the laboratory at half what you are currently paying. This sounds too good to be true but it will certainly help out your already anemic budget.

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Keep it Competitive

On-premise and central laundry operators may have the impression they are operating in a cost effective manner until a comprehensive audit and review determines otherwise. Do you know how your facility would fare in an audit?

The most frequent reason for discrepancies between the laundry manager analysis and a professional audit can be attributed to miscalculating of actual clean (usable) pounds delivered, attributing an inflated value to added for ancillary services and/or failure to properly identify all laundry expenses.

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Efficient Utilization of Gas Burners

A large number of laundry owners and managers fail to realize that efficiency in operations equates to reductions in expenses. Efficiency of combustion equipment benefits your operation by decreasing costs of natural gas, increasing equipment efficiency, reducing electricity costs, decreasing maintenance costs and increasing productivity and output.

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On The Mend In the Hospital Laundry

While hospitals may be skilled at getting their patients to mend, down in the laundry it’s a different story. Industry experts estimate eight-out-of-10 healthcare (and textile rental/COG) laundries do not mend or patch. Many hospitals do not have the resources, knowledge, or skills in-house. Others outsource mending / patching to simplify management activities and responsibilities spanning procurement, sterilization, use, recovery, and treatment after use (laundering, mending, inspection, folding and packing) for managing sterile linen.

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SPECIAL REPORT on Laundry Facilities in Healthcare Industries

This month, Laundry Today brings you a summary of a special report addressing trends in our industry. Considered in the following report are On Premise Laundry (OPL) facilities in healthcare segments, including hospitals and long term care facilities. The Microeconomic Analyst, Inc. (TMA, Inc.,) a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania based organization with over 20 years of researching experience, conducted the study between February and April 2003.

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Quick Rinse - News From Around The World

Crothall Employee Critically Injured

ROME, Ga. — A steam explosion which critically injured a maintenance worker is under investigation at Crothall Laundry Services. There were no other injures. Crothall Laundry Services provides linen and laundry services to medical facilities.