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Ozone Produces Multiple Benefits for Harborside Healthcare

When Jerry Mayse first heard about ozone wash systems five years ago, his understanding was that if a system was powerful enough to work for heavy soil and stain conditions, his healthcare facilities would be unable to afford it. As Vice President of Engineering of Harborside Healthcare, which has 50 separate skilled-nursing and long-term care properties ranging from 50 to 360 beds and each producing .5 to 2.3 million pounds of linen per year, Mayse wished they could enjoy the same benefits as healthcare laundries handling 50 million pounds.

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Creating a Budget - PART II

Last month we learned about the importance of a budget, the different types of budgets, i.e. capital and operations, and the initial steps to take when creating a budget like gathering the necessary information in our 'tool kit.' This month we'll be taking a deeper look into how to prepare a budget with our specialist Donna Mitchell, educational instructor and in-house consultant for Marion General Hospital in Marion, Indiana.

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Adding one machine, Marriottt Textile Services Increases Production 40 Percent

Since installing a new Kannegiesser spreader feeder and folder / cross folder on one of their ironer lines, Marriott Textile Services (MTS), a central laundry facility based at the Dallas Forth Worth Marriott, has increased productivity by an estimated 40 percent on the finishing line which it was installed.

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Preparing a Budget

When preparing a budget keep in mind that budgets may differ in detail depending on the business involved, but all budgets follow certain procedural steps in preparation.

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Psst--want a great deal on 1,000 towels? How about 200 bright blue robes at bulk rate, or 1500 super-plush comforters at below wholesale? No, this isn’t the clearinghouse for long-lost laundry. James Taylor, Marketing Manager for TexPro’s Canadian health care supply, has taken a cue from Ebay, the Internet’s largest auction site, and launched, a place where industry buyers can bid on new, surplus linens from hospitals, resorts, and suppliers across the nation.

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Quick Rinse - News From Around The World

Hamilton Engineering Awarded U.S. Patent For Companion Water Heater CWIS™ Design

LIVONIA, Mich. — Hamilton Engineering was recently awarded a U.S. Patent for their Cold Water Injection System (CWIS™) contained within their Companion™ Water Heater and optional on all of their hot water storage tanks. The CWIS™ insures the highest efficiency possible in the water heating system by ensuring all of the coldest water enters the heater first, while eliminating any flow restriction or pressure drop on the hot water being supplied to the laundry so common with other instantaneous or on demand water heaters.