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Cashing Out - Your Hidden Business Assets

Your successful laundry company is more than just your most valuable capital asset—it represents the realization of your dream.  Unfortunately, too many exiting/retiring entrepreneurs (as well as their legal, financial and business advisors) leave too much cash behind because they fail to recognize the enormous value hidden within one of their most overlooked and underutilized business assets.

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Laundry Design Basics

No doubt there should be a book or manual prepared on laundry design. The importance of the correct machinery and its size for a facility, the machinery’s placement and the actual laundry design should not be downplayed. It is the driving force behind a successful laundry.

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Answers To The Most Frequently Asked Id Labeling Questions

There is widespread confusion today in in-house laundries about fundamentals of using ID labeling systems. Even those with long experience in housekeeping may forget some of the basics. The following is a refresher course on some of the most common questions and their answers.

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Taking Control Of Your Insurance Claims -How one laundry bested catastrophic loss and the insurance industry

If your business were hit by a catastrophe tomorrow, would you feel secure with your coverage? Sure, you have an insurance policy and you probably feel comforted by its existence. But if you expect your insurance company to meet your demands for reimbursement in a fair and timely fashion – you might be surprised.

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Maximum Protection, Minimum Expense

Insurance is a necessary evil for personal and business protection. Although the ultimate goal is not to make a claim, relief sets in by having coverage if and when a claim must be submitted.

Every laundry operation, large or small, should have a plan in place to manage the risks that are part of operating the business. Without such a plan, losses can leave the laundry vulnerable to failure, and employees and customers exposed to injury.

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Quick Rinse - News From Around The World

Nursing Home Fire

GAINESVILLE, Ga. — Flames that began in a nursing home laundry dryer drew firefighters to the location. The fire was contained to the laundry room of the New Horizons Nursing Home and residents were not evacuated.