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WAVE(ing) Goodbye to Wasted Water

If you filled 32 Olympic-size swimming pools, it would take 900 million gallons of water. That’s the same amount of water that was conserved in 1999 by Lodging Partners of the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Water Alliances for Voluntary Efficiency (WAVE) program. Since the program was launched in 1993, almost 50 hotels and inns have joined WAVE to initiate water conservation efforts.

Typically, lodging facilities who elect to join the program save 25 to 30 percent in water use, noted John Flowers, director of the WAVE program. The key to this success is the free full-service water management software tool offered by WAVE, allowing properties to benchmark current water use habits and then evaluate options in equipment or operational modifications and changes that could increase savings.

The software suggests various steps that participants can take to conserve water. WAVE partners also have access to the programs supporters, consisting of consulting firms, equipment distributors, manufacturing companies, and utility and water management companies, who share information on products, services and best practices for water conservation. The WAVE program has only one requirement --you must report your water savings once a year.

Interested facilities can call (202)564-0623 for further information

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Textile Services Industry Gets National Spotlight

WILIMGTON, Mass. — Textile service executive Ronald Croatti recently appeared on the CBS-TV show “Undercover Boss.” Croatti is CEO of UniFirst Corp., in Wilmington, Mass. For most Americans watching “Undercover Boss” it was their first view inside a commercial laundry, which typically process between 10 million and 25 million pounds of uniforms, table linens, bed sheets, towels and more every year “The reusable textile services business is the original green industry,” said Ricci. “Commercial laundries reuse linen instead of filing landfills with disposable alternatives and continually discover new, innovative means to reduce energy consumption and recycle water. Our huge economies of scale allow laundries to use about two-thirds less water, energy and detergent than alternatives, such as washing at home, while hygienically cleaning textile products, improving disease control and reducing contamination.”