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Ozone Cleans Up At The Beechwood Hotel

WORCHESTER, Mass. — Two years ago, the Beechwood Hotel began using ozone technology. They don’t regret the decision.

In fact Mark Waxler, the hotel’s General Manager, has nothing but enthusiasm for the Wet-Tech product and its results.

Located on the premises of a major Biotech office park, across from the UMass Medical Center, the Beechwood caters to a highend corporate and international clientele. There are 73 guest rooms as well as 7,000 sq feet of meeting space. As with everyone else in this current economy, hotel management is always looking for ways to improve their product and conserve energy.

“I was told that I would save utilities, save hot water, save regular water and that’s what’s happened,’ says Waxler.

The Beachwood Hotel laundry processes an annualized amount of 186,000 pounds of terry, towels, facecloths, bathrobes and coverlets. With the help of the Wet-Tech Enviro-Saver II, the laundering is now done with less hot water, less drying time and fewer chemicals in the wash.

“Drying time for all laundry has decreased about five minutes,” says Waxler. This is due to the lower moisture content of the laundry now coming out of the washers. The washing temperatures have been reduced from 160 degrees to just 60 degrees because ozone cleans best in colder water, he explains. And because ozone requires fewer chemicals, the hotel has been able to cut back on detergent usage. To top it all off he says, the laundry is now softer and whiter.

“It’s a better product and it smells better,” says Waxler. The Beechwood laundry operates with two 80-pound B&C Technologies washers and three 50-pound Cissell dryers. Due to the facility’s size, all of the hotel’s larger linen items, like sheets, are outsourced due to lack of space for an ironer.

Waxler knows he is saving money because even with prices rising over the past year, the hotel’s actual laundering costs have not increased. “And I have more rooms, more meetings than two years ago,” he notes.

Installing ozone technology at the Beechwood is part of an overall strategy by the hotel to reduce its costs and impact on the environment. Ozone helps reduce ‘carbon footprints’ by lowering hot water demands for washing. It all adds up for Waxler.

“I’m saving money for the hotel, I’m producing a better product and I’m saving the environment,” he says.

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Charged For A Fire That Killed 2 Firefighters

CHICAGO, Ill. — The owner of an abandoned laundry in which two firefighters died during a fatal fire was charged with criminal contempt because it was alleged that he ignored a court order to secure the laundry building and repair the roof which collapsed during the fire. In addition to the death of two firefighters, 15 other firefighters were injured when the roof collapsed.