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Pellerin Milnor’s Pulseflow® Technology

is Winning Awards, Increasing Productivity and Saving Water

Recently, Pellerin Milnor received the 2010 Certificate of Innovative Technology from the Hohenstein Institute for their PulseFlow Technology. Milnor’s new 5-module 76028 CBW® tunnel with PulseFlow™ Technology and a 600 G centrifugal extractor was recently showcased at the Detergo Exhibition in Milan, Italy. A comprehensive report detailing extraordinary wash quality with minimal fresh water added in the tunnel washer was distributed. The report stated, “…The PulseFlow Technology on the tested continuous batch washer obtained a good rinse result and at the same time also a good soil removal with a consumption of fresh water of 2.5 to 3.5 liters per kg linen [0.3 to 0.42 gallons per pound].” (Hohenstein Report 10.1.9-0038-1)

But that’s nothing that we, here in the States, didn’t know already. After being devastated by hurricane Katrina in 2005, Associated Hospital Services(AHS), located in New Orleans recently completed its second equipment renovation. Associated Hospital Services provides clean linen to New Orleans area hospitals and medical centers throughout the Gulf South.

In August 2005 the laundry received 6’ of water damage from the hurricane decommissioning most of the existing laundry equipment. AHS utilized Pellerin Laundry Machinery Sales Company, to restore one of their existing Milnor CBW® Systems and re-equip the laundry with additional equipment.

Associated Hospital Services completed their major equipment renovation with the acquisition of a new Milnor CBW® tunnel with PulseFlow® technology. With this addition, the co-operative laundry is capable of achieving pre-Katrina production capacities with room for improvement, while achieving significant operational savings.

The cooperative laundry is currently producing in excess of 10,000,000 pounds of healthcare linen in only 40 hours per week, with less than 40 production employees. This calculates to an average PPOH of approximately 120. The recent renovation allows the laundry to continually increase their PPOH and become even more efficient.

The new renovation includes a Milnor 76039 8-Module CBW System with the new water saving feature, PulseFlow®. PulseFlow Technology allows the 8-module system to process healthcare linen at approximately a 101 second transfer rate while using 0.3- 0.4 gallons of water per pound. The PulseFlow design uses high-velocity counterflow through the wash zones, allowing chemistry, dilution and mechanical action more process time. PulseFlow increases the throughput capacity of the CBW; thus, an 8-Module Milnor PulseFlow CBW production is comparable to an 11-Module Milnor traditional, continuous counterflow CBW. Because the water is not continuously run through the CBW, but pumped at a higher rate at an exact time, the tunnel washer uses less water (gallons/lb.) to effectively process the linen.

Milnor’s RecircOne™ pump arrangement wets down the goods almost instantaneously upon entering the first module. Later, the recirculated water adds a hydraulic effect, which allows the chemistry more time to work.

After the PulseFlow CBW has cleaned the linen, the clean linen travels through the laundry’s new Milnor 50 Bar Press and to one of the four new 64058 pass-through dryers via a Milnor 2-tier shuttle. The clean, dry linen then travels on an incline conveyor into awaiting laundry carts. Associated Hospital staff use Chicago flatwork machinery to process various types of healthcare items for distribution.

Along with the PulseFlow CBW® system, Associated purchased two additional ironer lines. All three of the laundry’s large piece ironing lines include Chicago Edge feeders and Skyline Folders with Stackers.

Their small piece ironing line includes a Chicago Skyline SP-4 four lane folder and four Bridges. The clean, dry, pressed and folded linen are automatically transferred to central take-away conveyors and carousels. The laundry also has four Air Chicago towel & gown folders, a Chicago Skyline Mini Knitted Fitted Folder and a Chicago Blanket Blaster System.

Associated Hospital Services, Inc. Cooperative Laundry began processing healthcare linen in 1971, almost 40 years ago. There is no doubt that AHS has risen from the flood waters of Katrina and is here to stay due to their employees’ commitment, management’s determination and state-of-the-art equipment.

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Ecolab Receives Environmental Stewardship Award

AUSTRIA - An environmental stewardship award was recently given to Ecolab Inc. in Austria in recognition of the their efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of a local hospital laundry. The award is for implementing their PERformance SMART low-temperature at an Austrian hospital. The laundry program is said to reduce water and energy usage, in addition to shortening wash time.