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Recycling Systems in Laundries

Wastewater treatment is not new, but for the laundry industry it is an emerging concept. It is being more thoughtfully considered in the laundry industry today as a result of increased sewage charges, increasing fuel cost for heating water, the need to produce a quality product while maintaining cost and the desire to be a more environmentally friendly consumer of our limited resources.

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Ozone – The Science & Technology Part 2 ---Carona Discharge

Science tries to duplicate and improve what Mother Nature performs. Ozone is no exception. Last month we looked at the UV Light (photo chemical) process of creating ozone. This month we’ll examine the carona discharge process.

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Ozone Update

Since ozone first started finding it’s place in laundries across the United States and abroad, an increasing amount of laundries have been taking a serious look at incorporating ozone into their laundering process. Hence, the use of ozone technology is growing. But not without merit. Laundries have been finding many benefits from the technology, including reductions in gas, water and chemical consumption as well as softer linens and a cleaner work environment.  

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Ozone – The Science & Technology with no myths ©

With the crack of lightening and the roar of thunder, Mother Nature goes about her job of cleaning up our environment. Step outside after a thunderstorm and smell the sharp, clean crispness in the air. This is carona discharge of an enormous degree in a natural setting. A walk in the Sun, protected by the ozone layer in our atmosphere using some of the suns light waves (UV) to protect us from other more harmful sun rays is another natural way mother nature works with ozone to benefit all living species on Earth.

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Penn State: Saving Water, One Wash At A Time

It's been said that opposites attract, but those who say it usually aren't thinking of college students and laundry. That is, unless you're at Pennsylvania State University, where students and faculty have come together over a brand new series of washers that are bringing huge energy and environmental payoffs to the school's eight campuses.

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Quick Rinse - News From Around The World

Imperial Laundry Acquired

RACINE WI. — Imperial Laundry Systems has been acquired by CMJ Partners, a private investment firm based in Vero Beach, Fla. The facility launders hospitals and hotel goods in Illinois and Wisconsin. The new company will be called Imperial Laundry Services and it will remain in Racine.