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Life Beyond Work

No matter if you manage a laundry, work in a laundry, or participate in a system that furnishes products to the industry, it should be understood that employees (that is all of us) expect more in life than work itself. We expect and should practice the philosophy that our lives have priority over work. If you are a smart manager you already know this, if you are a manager who will soon self destruct then you better get with the program before all comes tumbling down.

As a manager you should accommodate your employees more than you probably do. Need time without killing yourself to attend a child’s function? Do it. Want to adjust work hours to accommodate work hours? Do it.

I will never forget, many years ago when an employee told me she was having a difficult time on some personal issues, so I attempted to reconcile the situation by telling her to go home and take care of the issues and to return when things were taken care of. She did, and returned to work grateful and refocused.

I have recently noticed in one major organization that provides support services to our industry that more than 50 percent of the employees have stated they would like to be recognized in front of family members. They indicted that traditional awards-such as service awards (years of service) were even a form of recognition. When you think about it, everyone gets the same pin, no matter how well they have performed. It was pretty much universal that a Weber Grill to enjoy or a weekend at a resort with a significant other would make the years of service more enjoyable.

Some companies integrate employees’ families with their work life. Employee spouses are invited to attend company orientations. The company also sends a fruit basket automatically home after a significant project has been completed; thanking the family for support in the long hours the employee had to work late. Kind of the same philosophy as when a Marine retires and the Marine’s family is recognized with the Marine.

It is important to return to the home front when you draw from the home front. For example when you ask an employee to work the weekend…overtime or not, something must be done to refurbish the home front-perhaps a restaurant voucher or gift certificate that the family can enjoy and appreciate.

Such actions are important, good business, plain, simple and can improve productivity and morale.

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Hotel Guests Evacuated

ALCOA, Tenn. — A small fire in the laundry room of a Holiday Inn forced guests out of the hotel. The fire is thought to have originated in the dryer. There were no injuries.