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The Roosevelt New Orleans

NEW ORLEANS, LA — Louisiana former Governor Huey P. Long was known for his compelling stump speeches and questionable political practices, but a lesser-known legacy is his contributions to the state’s highways and bridges. Before he took office, Louisiana had only 331 miles of paved roads.

Along with tax reform and a literacy initiative, Governor Long set out to have over 3,000 paved miles of highway for his constituents to conduct business, travel, and entice tourists.leep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite, the old saying goes. Many people think of bed bugs as fictional nighttime visitors, but the fact is,  these nocturnal pests are becoming a real problem. One of these new paved highways was Airline Highway, connecting Baton Rouge to New Orleans. While in New Orleans, Governor Long used The Roosevelt Hotel as his personal governor’s mansion, renting out the 12th floor suite for his staff and himself.

In June 2009, The Roosevelt New Orleans, Waldorf-Astoria Collection reopened its doors after a $145 million renovation to restore the property to its glory days, when politicians and movie stars rubbed elbows in the famous Sazerac Bar.

The 504 room hotel has two restaurants, one café, and a dessert bar all with unique linens and uniforms. Like all Waldorf-Astoria Collection properties, The Roosevelt’s New Orleans linens are 600 thread count cotton sheets, with logo-embossed coverlets, Euro shams, and standard shams. The laundry also processes the staff uniforms from the three restaurants, housekeeping staff uniforms, guest services attendants’ uniforms, etc. Keeping these goods organized and returned clean and in-time for his/her next shift is challenging, but necessary to the hotel’s image of excellence.

The laundry staff is keenly aware of every item (including staff uniforms) that arrives in the laundry. With stringent pre-sorting, the staff maintains accountability for each and every luxury piece of linen - double checking quality control of each load before it is transported to the flatwork side. Currently, the laundry operates in one shift per day (5:00am-4:30pm) with 12 full-time employees (only three had previous laundry experience). Due to the efficiencies and cost-effectiveness, the hotel has opted to process their food and beverage linens, so the hotel will expand to more employees. After three months in operation, hotel management is looking to expand their laundry facility with more flatwork machines and washers.

Every laundry staff member understands that each towel, sheet, and wash cloth must be accounted for at the end of the day. The laundry staff has been trained to be efficient and discriminating with each load. The operators pull out one sheet at a time and lay it across the carts—this practice eliminates another sort process before going to the flatwork side. Along with four Milnor 42030 V6J (160 lb. capacity) washer-extractors,

the laundry includes one Milnor 30022 V6J (60 lb. capacity) washerextractor to handle smaller, more delicate items, like the embroidered pillow shams. Also installed are four Milnor 190 gas dryers and one Milnor MLG-758 75lb. gas dryer. On the finishing side the laundry boasts 1 Chicago King Edge, a Chicago Powerhouse 4200 2-roll self contained thermal ironer, a Chicago Skyline S-14 4-lane Folder with Stacker and a Chicago Air Chicago Small Piece Towel Folder.

Both the hotel’s new washerextractors are complete with RinSave™ water saver, and the 42030 V6J washer-extractor has ExactXtract™ extraction optimizer. With these energy saving options, the hotel’s water consumption and dryer fuel is significantly lower than hospitality installations without these unique Milnor features. As a result of the higher RPM in the extraction cycle and fewer intermediate rinse steps, the laundry can process more loads per shift for less money spent in utilities—something former Governor Long would surely be proud of.


Quick Rinse - News From Around The World

Man Freed From Laundry Machine

ENGLAND — Firefighters freed a man trapped in a laundry after he tried to pull some sheets that were stuck from a folding machine. The machine had not been turned off when he began trying the free the sheets. The employee’s arm became trapped in the machine but the firefighters worked quickly cutting the machine’s belt to free the man. He was rushed to the hospital where he was stabilized.