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Younger Managers; Older Workers - 7 Tips for Better Interactions

Does your workplace suffer from a generational rift? If you're like the majority of companies, the answer is yes. However, today's pressing concern is no longer "how to manage the Generation X crowd." With the Gen X'ers now entering managerial roles, today's biggest concern is how these new young managers can effectively lead people their parents' age.

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Creating Employment Opportunities For The Disabled

Goodwill Industries Inc. spreads goodwill inside and out of their Southeast Wisconsin laundry facility. It is one of 24 NISH affiliated agencies devoted to creating job opportunities for adults with disabilities.  Current nationwide employment has reached 400 employees with severe disabilities in this program.

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Make Time Work For You

Julie, a 39-year-old executive in a large corporation, said she desperately wanted to improve her work/life balance and her results at work. She had two children at home, and her husband worked an equally time consuming job. She was constantly working or taking care of her family. However, her business results were not improving, her career was stalling, and she wanted to see her children more.

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The S.E.C.R.E.T. To Successful Team Dynamics

Whether you’re working in a hotel, restaurant or laundry an organization's success depends on the effectiveness and productivity of its various teams. And team success depends on the cooperation and collective efforts of team members who may or may not work well together.

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DHS Benefits From Experience . . .

“The expertise from over 15 years in the business that I bring to the table is the biggest difference between our company and others,” says Robert Schreane, president and CEO of Dramatic Healthcare Services (DHS) a year-old healthcare support service company.

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Quick Rinse - News From Around The World

Ecolab Receives Environmental Stewardship Award

AUSTRIA - An environmental stewardship award was recently given to Ecolab Inc. in Austria in recognition of the their efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of a local hospital laundry. The award is for implementing their PERformance SMART low-temperature at an Austrian hospital. The laundry program is said to reduce water and energy usage, in addition to shortening wash time.