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ARTA Members Lobby Lawmakers

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- On a recent trip to Washington D.C., ARTA members lobbied lawmakers to promote reusable textiles. Members met with their representatives to discuss reduction in healthcare costs fueled by cost effective, reusable healthcare products, environmental stewardship from reducing dioxins from medical waste incineration and the creation of jobs that reusables support including handling, processing and delivery systems.

Members also lobbied for a future favorable decision by HCFA for a National Coverage Decision reimbursing reusable incontinent pads.

“We had a relatively high turnout of member involvement which enabled us to see over 20 lawmakers within a two day span,” said Brad Bushman, ARTA president. ”It is very important that our industry stay viable and active with the new 107th congress to ensure that any work on healthcare or environmental legislation is in the interest of our industry and that we are correctly represented with any potential bills that may be drafted.”

Bushman added that the Washington trip also gave members the opportunity to thank the Senators and Congressmen who provided a positive vote to repeal the OSHA Ergonomic Standard.

“It’s nice to see that our efforts on Capitol Hill have reaped positive benefits,” he said.

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Lapauw Acquired By Private Investor

BELGIUM — Lapauw and its affiliate Lapauw France have been acquired by Mr. Philippe D’heygere for an undisclosed amount. The Belgian based manufacturer of industrial laundry equipment officially announced that it has recently sold its rights to Mr. Philippe D’heygere, a successful international entrepreneur with special interests in global expansion.

“I have worked with the Lapauw family for 46 years. Following my first meeting with the new owner, I feel very confident that this agreement will provide the experience and resources needed to expand into new markets and bolster support to our existing distributors and customers,” said Andre Henrard, Export Manager for the countries outside Europe. The current management will remain active and no personnel change is expected.

In a joint statement to their distributors, the Lapauw family announced “Mr. D’heygere has international expertise and will reinforce the position of the Lapauw Group as a successful worldwide leader of premier laundry equipment.”