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It's A Pre-Wash

Why would someone take advantage of Standard Textile’s new pre-laundering program, Room Ready For You™? Mike Clanton, director of laundry services at Gaylord Entertainment’s Opryland hotel in Nashville, Tennessee says, “It’s the convenience.”

Standard Textile's program offers customers towels that are pre-washed, pre-shrunk and ready to use -- straight out of the box.

Beginning in January, Room Ready for You™ will also be offering pre-washed sheets, laundered with Tide.

”I'll tell you where it really helps,” says Clanton. “When you’re waiting for an order for towels and it shows up on the dock ready to go, you know you're going to make your guests happy."

But Standard Textile knows that their program is also making hoteliers happy.

"Taking into consideration that linen injections (new linen arrivals at the property) are cumbersome to process and require a process known as "shake out" (removing product from the box and shaking it out so that it can go into the washer) which is inconvenient and costly, the Room Ready for You™ products offer the operational benefits of being able to take the product straight from the box to the guestroom," says Richard Stewart, vice president of product management at Standard Textile.

Standard's pre-wash laundry process is proprietary and takes place at their manufacturing sites. The terry products are processed at Standard Textile Israel and sheeting is finished at Standard Textile Carolina operation in Union, South Carolina.

Three of Gaylord's four hotels in Texas, Florida and Nashville have taken advantage of the program. And when most hoteliers spend upwards of $0.40 per pound to process their linen, the program offers more than just convenience.

"When you buy as much product as we do and process as many pounds of laundry as we do, if you can save on that initial wash it's a great help," says Clanton. He estimates Opryland purchased 160,000 pounds of terry products from Standard in 2005 which means 160,000 pounds of laundry the hotel did not have to pre-wash. He calculates this saved the hotel $25,000 and predicts they will save the same amount again when they receive their first pre-washed sheets next year.

So why do hotels pre-wash new towels and linens in the first place? According to Clanton it's to alleviate the potentially adverse health affects of the newly manufactured products.

"The terry product has some chemical residue from the original processing (chemical sizing to stiffen the yarns prior to weaving which allows the yarns to survive the harsh treatment of the weaving process) and while there's no guarantee it will have an adverse effect on guests, there's always a chance it might which is why we always pre-wash," he says. Pre-washing new products, whether towels or sheets, also makes them softer.

Bill Anderson, sales consultant to Opryland for Standard Textile, says no other company offers pre-laundered sheeting and terry and the reason Standard got into the process was because hospitals in the company's healthcare market began requesting pre-washing.

"Standard came up with the process and when they got into the hospitality business five years ago, they started doing it there too," he says.

As of January, Gaylord will be part of Standard's new Room Ready for You™ laundered with Tide program where they partner with Proctor & Gamble to provide pre-laundered terry and sheeting products to participating hotels.

"Standard sheeting products have never previously been pre-laundered, and the new technology was developed by Standard Textile engineers to make this process possible," says Stewart..

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Advance Discount Registration Opens for IHMRS 2011

WHITE PLAINS, N.Y. — Advance registration is open for the 96th annual International Hotel, Motel + Restaurant Show® (IHMRS) being held November 12 – 15th at New York City’s Jacob K. Javits Convention Center. A discounted registration fee of $30 is available through October 7, 2011, with the rate increasing to $50 on October 8. The IHMRS present more than 700 hospitality industry suppliers and attract some 30,000 trade attendees The IHMRS website is located here.