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Quality Is Standard At Nevada Linen Supply

“Fastest with the finest,” is the motto for Nevada Linen Supply, a linen supply company that has been servicing the Las Vegas area for over 20 years. Family owned and operated, they take pride in the exceptional quality of their linen and the quality of the service that they deliver to their customers. Nevada Linen services 800-900 customers including those in healthcare, motel/hotel, uniforms, food and beverage, mats and mops, wedding facilities, and country clubs. Their service area spans a 100-125 mile radius from their facility. President, Steve Stith is extremely proud of their customer service and customer relationships upon which the business was built. To Stith it’s the little things that count. “When a job comes in it’s not uncommon to find cutlery mixed in with linens.  My son or I will return them by hand to our customers,” he says. 

Stith has come a long way since his humble beginnings in January 1986 when Nevada Linen opened doors as a mat processing company. “I would process the mats myself using a hose,” he says.  “Then I would hang them on the fence in my backyard and use the sunlight to dry them.” Wearing several hats, Stith would also drive the truck to pick up and deliver the mats.

In the 1990’s Stith’s son, Steve, joined him in the venture of growing the business. Father and son purchased an 8,000 square foot facility and a few 125 lb. washer extractors.

But it wasn’t long before the Stith’s began processing much more than mats and they needed to expand again.  Only this time they needed to increase the square footage to more than six times the original size to make room for laundry equipment that could process goods at a faster rate. A 50,000 square foot facility was purchased.    

Tom Marks from Western State Design was the driving force behind the Stith’s new state-of-the- art laundry facility which was completed in April of 2001.  Marks and Western State Design also provided an on-site engineer for a year to train and support Nevada Linen staff on their new laundry equipment.

Today, Nevada Linen operates with a total of 126 employees working Monday – Friday. They are currently working 1 ¼ shifts per day, operating 12-14 hours while processing 250,000 lbs. per week and 12 million lbs. of linen yearly. Employees operate 12 linen delivery routes. And, the company’s growth is holding steady at 30% each year.

Currently the Nevada Linen laundry is designed to launder all types of goods. They process an extensive supply of specialty party linens including: rounds, banquets, table boxes, tablecloths and sashes in a wide variety of colors and fabrics. For restaurants they launder and supply all linens, waiter/ chef uniforms, bar towels and comfort mats, for the dining area, and kitchen and prep area.  They process all healthcare linens including: gowns, towels, sheets, blankets, scrubs, lab coats and surgical towels. In the hotel/motel market they process all upgraded hospitality towels, washcloths, sheets, pillow cases, and bath mats.

The washroom boasts a Milnor 76032 CBW®  tunnel washer, a Milnor single stage MP1603 press, two Milnor 64048 E6N washer-extractors, a Milnor 72046 E5N washer-extractor, four Milnor 30022 V6J washer-extractors and two Milnor 42026 V6J washer-extractors. Laundry chemicals are provided by the Dober Group. There are three Milnor 58058 dryers, and a CONWA 06 Loading Conveyor. Goods are dried in two Milnor M-460  dryers and four Milnor M-175 dryers.

The finishing department consists of a Chicago King Edge Vac Spreader Feeder, a Chicago Edge Vac Spreader Feeder, two Chicago Skyline Folders, a Chicago Skyline Mini Folder, 2 Chicago Air Small Piece Folders, a Chicago Air XL Folder, an Air Chicago XXL Folder, 2 Chicago Carousel Small Piece Accumulator Systems, a Skyline SP-4 Folder and 4 American Sylon 8-roll ironers.

Nevada Linen grew over 300% in just over five years. They were able to sustain their growth due to the assistance from Western State Design. Stith says. “Western State Design is the greatest asset of Nevada Linen since we’ve been in business. We have been able to become a leading linen supplier because of Western State and the Milnor CBW tunnel.”

Quick Rinse - News From Around The World

Ecolab Receives Environmental Stewardship Award

AUSTRIA - An environmental stewardship award was recently given to Ecolab Inc. in Austria in recognition of the their efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of a local hospital laundry. The award is for implementing their PERformance SMART low-temperature at an Austrian hospital. The laundry program is said to reduce water and energy usage, in addition to shortening wash time.