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LaundrySPY – a revolutionary new security system for the laundry industry

PETALUMA, CA -- Ever wondered if there’s a security system out there that could do it all -- prevent theft and vandalism, stand up to the extreme temperatures inside your laundry and eliminate the hassle of VCR tapes?

Well there is. LaundrySPY, a digital remote security system can do that and more. Offered through a budding video surveillance company owned and run by Nancy Brier and Gary Trippeer of Sonoma County, California, LaundrySPY is a three in one turnkey package that includes on-site digital recording, full featured alarm functions and fast and easy remote access.

“LaundrySPY brings a new level of technology and a management tool to a business that hasn’t had that luxury before,” said Brier.

Designed originally for their own coin operated laundry, Sonoma Suds, LaundrySPY’s most valuable feature, as far as laundries go, is its’ specific design for that environment. Dust, lint and extremely hot temperatures are no problem for this robust system.

“The hardware has extra built in fans and filtration,” said Brier. “The fans are there to keep the machine cool because it can reach well over 100 degrees inside a laundry and the filtration is important because of the high lint content in most laundry environments.”

Brier believes LaundrySPY’s most important feature is its’ elimination of VCR tape. Instead LaundrySPY records images onto a computer hard drive and after approximately 30 days, records over the first footage – this way you will never miss an incident because you didn’t have tape in. Additionally, owners can quickly look up recordings by time or date instead of rewinding tapes. LaundrySPY also has a snapshot feature which allows you to capture a digital still frame with time and date embedded. That snapshot can be printed out, saved to a disc or emailed to law enforcement. With a VCR based system, still photos are difficult to extract and they result in a poor quality picture.

LaundrySPY’s remote access feature allows owners to check on their business from a home PC or laptop using remote software and an ordinary phone line, DSL, or cable modem access.

LaundrySPY also has a built in motion detection feature. If someone goes into an off-limits area or breaks into the business at night, for example, LaundrySPY will detect the motion, begin recording, and place an outgoing phone call.

LaundrySPY also offers optional water sensors and other alarm style contacts that interact with the LaundrySPY software. “A lot of times big washers can spring undetected leaks,” Brier said. “When LaundrySPY sensors come in contact with water, it triggers an alarm and places an outgoing call.”

And LaundrySPY is easy to install. “The LaundrySPY computer/server is installed at your business site with monitor, cameras, keyboard and mouse,” said Brier. “It’s very similar to setting up a home or office PC.” There’s no ongoing monthly fee for the use of LaundrySPY, you just buy or lease the system outright and it’s yours.

Commercial laundries and laundry managers tired of shrinking inventory are catching on to this revolutionary security system idea. At Clean, 2001 the five demo stations were overwhelmed by the response from show participants. “We had people waiting 20 minutes in line to see the product,” said Brier who hopes more commercial laundries will check out the opportunity.

Want to know what's going on in your Laundry?

Q: How does LaundrySPY work?
A: The LaundrySPY computer/server is stalled by you at your business site with monitor, cameras, keyboard and mouse. It is similar to setting up a home or office PC. Turn it on and with one click of the mouse you’re recording for 30 days.

Q: Where are the video images recorded?
A: Video images are recorded digitally onto the LaundrySPY computer/server installed at your business. You can playback recorded footage anytime by easily clicking on the playback icon on the LaundrySPY toolbar. In the playback mode you can search footage with standard VCR style buttons, a jog control, or by time and date search. Plus, you can review footage while continuing to record.

Q: Can I get a still photo from a recorded sequence?
A: Yes, LaundrySPY features the exclusive snapshot which allows you to quickly and easily save a high resolution, time and date stamped picture. Once saved this picture can be printed out, saved onto a floppy, or emailed.

Q: Can I use cable modem or a DSL line?
A: Yes, LaundrySPY supports standard phone modem, cable modem and DSL connections. DSL and cable connections provide a much faster remote frame rate. However, most LaundrySPY owners are extremely happy with an ordinarily phone line for their remote access.

Q: Can I hear audio remotely?
A: Yes. LaundrySPY not only records audio on-site but it allows you to hear and talk back from a remote location. Federal law does not allow recording audio at a remote site.

Q: What about software upgrades?
A: Software upgrades are FREE for the life of your system. Each LaundrySPY includes a “software upgrade” button. When you click on that button, you will automatically be connected to a server in the Laundry Spy office. Upon connection, the company’s computer will talk with your LaundrySPY to determine if a newer version of the software is available. If it is, LaundrySPY will list the changes and new features and ask if you want to upgrade. Click yes and LaundrySPY will download the upgrades and install them automatically.


Q: What choices are available?
A: Two LaundrySPY turnkey packages are currently available. LaundrySPY PRO includes four color cameras, 17-inch color monitor and 30 days of storage. It can be upgraded to 16 cameras and additional storage. LaundrySPY LITE operates with the same software as the PRO system and comes with two cameras, 15 inch monitor and seven day storage. The LITE system is upgradeable to four cameras, and 15 day storage.

Q: How can I buy LaundrySPY?
A: LaundrySPY is sold direct and a 30-day money back guarantee is offered. All products are backed by a one year warrantee.

More information about LaundrySPY is available online at the following web site: . You can also contact the company by calling or faxing to the following numbers:
Phone: 707-775-2888 Fax: 707-775-2444

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