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Rosen Shingle Creek hotel in Orlando

The Four Diamond AAA Rosen Shingle Creek hotel in Orlando is one of the largest full-service convention hotels in Central Florida.  This turn of the century, Spanish-revival style hotel is uniquely located along Shingle Creek, headwaters of the Florida Everglades and management strives to preserve the area’s natural habitat.

While images of luxury and conservation don’t often go hand in hand, Rosen Shingle Creek proves that upscale accommodations don’t have to waste resources such as water and energy to provide a superior guest experience. Even the casual observer may notice the ties between nature and the new Rosen Shingle Creek hotel — including its name and its picturesque 230-acre setting along Shingle Creek — yet the hotel’s commitment to preservation goes far deeper. In fact, Shingle Creek, along with sister properties Rosen Plaza and Rosen Center, have met and exceeded the Florida Department of Environmental Protection’s “Green Lodging Program” standards.
Although the hotel surpasses the green standards set forth by the state, Harris Rosen, President and COO, Rosen Hotels & Resorts, didn’t create an eco-friendly hotel to be compliant.  He was not even aware of the relatively new Green Lodging Program until long after the hotel opened.
“We made it a point in the design phase of this hotel to use our resources responsibly and wisely, while never sacrificing the guest experience,” said the hotelier. “Guests may never notice the small changes we’ve made to help save our planet, but we do them because it’s simply the right thing to do. Those guests who do take note applaud our efforts because they, too, are socially responsible citizens who are concerned about the effects man has on his environment.”

The hotel is equipped with 1500 guest rooms, including 950 double queen and 411 king guest rooms. The hotel’s 445,000 square feet of dedicated, state-of-the-art meeting/event space includes a 95,000-square-foot column-free ballroom.  And the hotel generates plenty of laundry.

The hotel laundry team of 37 associates cover two shifts processing about 30,000 pounds of laundry daily. The laundry processes all of the hotel’s linen for the restaurants, spa, fitness center, linens for guest rooms, golf course, convention center, food and beverage, and hospitality.

The laundry conserves in numerous ways.  The tunnel washer uses less than one gallon of water per pound, compared to conventional washers that use more than two gallons of water per pound.  Also, a re-adjustment of chemical levels being used saved 50% without jeopardizing the quality of goods.  Recent production calculations confirmed that the laundry is 50 percent more efficient than a conventional laundry.

The Rosen Shingle Creek laundry consists of Milnor washing/drying equipment, and Chicago flatwork and full dry equipment. The laundry consists of an 8 module Milnor CBW supported by Milnor’s 300 lb dryers.   

Additional equipment includes, a 50 bar Milnor single stage press, two 275 lb. Milnor washers, two 135lb Milnor washers, one 75lb Milnor washer and three additional Milnor dryers.  The Chicago equipment includes: 2 Chicago Powerhouse ironers, 2 Chicago Skylines with accumulators and 3 Air Chicago small piece folders.

Milnor’s Mildata production management system is also installed in their facility. The systems is used daily to generate reports and give them more detailed production information.

Rosen Shingle Creek has a rewash rate of 1%, much better than the national average of 4-6%. They use .75 gallons of water per pound of goods processed -- which includes the whole laundry, not just their tunnels. The transfer rate in the tunnel washers is 2 minutes per module, with 16 minutes as the average total process time.
Rosen Shingle Creek has 1,500 luxury guestrooms featuring lavish bedding.  Each of the 1,500 rooms is equipped with a plush Creek sleeper bed in either king or queen sizes. A Restful Nights mattress protector, triple sheeting effects with flat sheets and a down comforter are also used to ensure the customer receives a comfortable night sleep. The hotel is also equipped with high thread count terry linens for the hotel bathrooms in guest rooms and The Spa at Shingle Creek.

Owens explains, “It’s important to buy a quality product for both terry and bed linen. Our goal is to provide the best value linen within our market and surpass the customer’s expectation. First thing to know about quality is to know your customer expectations so you have to use that as a benchmark to follow and help guide you to achieve your goal. Then you look to your own expectations and try to develop, hold, and maintain that same level of quality as well.”

Quick Rinse - News From Around The World

A Gruesome Laundry Surprise

PHOENIX, Ariz. — A body in a bin was discovered by employees at a Sodexo commercial laundry facility. The body arrived on a delivery truck from medical facilities in Tucson. Team members who were unloading the bins first noticed blood on the sheets then discovered the body in one of the bins. The man, a transient, had previously slept in the laundry-bag area near the Tucson medical facility. It is believed that the man either died from a medical condition or was suffocated by the plastic bags. The body showed no signs of trauma or foul play.