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Meritex LLC, A Subsidiary Of Hilton Hotels Corp. – Inner Workings Of A Mega Laundry

LPISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Established in Piscataway, New Jersey, in the summer of 1998, the 100,000 square foot Meritex laundry, a subsidiary of Hilton Hotels, employs high tech capabilities to service eight Hilton hotel properties in New York City, Westchester County and New Jersey and two Park Place Entertainment casino resorts in Atlantic City.

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Two Tribes United.....Over Laundry

NORWICH, CONN. -- Astride mustangs, faces streaked with paint, warriors crossed the wild fields of Connecticut. The year was 1637, and the Pequot and Mohegan tribes were at war-a war that would divide them for the next three and a half centuries. It seemed nothing could remove the stains of bad memories…until 2002, when Atlantic City Linen Supply came to Norwich, CT, with soap, water, and a sparkling new business deal.

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Laundry Room Pilot Program Launched:

Inmates Earn College Credits - On August 19, 2002, seven inmates working in the laundry facility at the Arkansas Valley Correctional Facility successfully completed the Laundry Technician Technology School, a test pilot program initiated by the Colorado Department of Corrections.

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Davidson Laundry System Insures A Clean Student Body

DAVIDSON, N.C.— Even though it may be the first time many students at Davidson College are living away from home, they’ll still have some home-like amenities – mainly, someone else doing their laundry. For the past eighty-three years a laundry service fee has been incorporated into mandatory student charges, and it’s a price that most students and parents are happy to bear.

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Tackling Dirty Laundry, Kansas City Chiefs Style

KANSAS CITY, MO -- At Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City, Mo., the process of doing laundry is almost as important to game-day preparation as team practices and workouts, according to Equipment Manger Mike Davidson, who runs the Kansas City Chiefs' on-premise laundry.

The Chiefs' 61 players and staff of 50 produce more than 500 pounds of dirty uniforms, towels and sweats each day.

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Quick Rinse - News From Around The World

Got Bedbugs? Help Is Here

ST. PAUL, Minn. — Ecolab Inc. and the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Institute (AHLEI) launched the, a free online resource to help hotel owners and operators stop bed bugs before they spread. The kit features downloadable materials on how to train staff to detect bed bugs early and actions to take when they suspect a guest room is infested. The digital toolkit includes a fact sheet about how bed bugs spread, their life-cycle and where they like to hide; a poster on bed bug detection; an instructional video showing where to inspect for bed bugs and what signs to look for; and a convenient pocket card for housekeeping staff with directions on how to inspect a room and what to do if bed bugs are found.