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Is Residual Bleach Smell Toxic?

Question: Can the residual smell of bleach on sheets be harmful or toxic?

Answer: Harmful and toxic can be two different things. To begin with I would recommend finding out why there is such a strong smell of chlorine bleach being left in the sheets. Most likely there is too much being used, and/or the sheets are being insufficiently rinsed.

Without knowing the specific amount of chlorine coming from the sheets, it is impossible for me to guarantee anything about safety. I do doubt that the smell of chlorine would be of any concentration that would cause harmful or toxic conditions. I would, however, have concerns that the sheets could cause considerable irritation to the skin of anyone lying on them. But any strong smell of chlorine coming off the sheet is more likely to damage the sheet than anything.

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Laundry Employee Gets Trapped

DALLAS, Texas — An employee of Crown Health Care Laundry Services, died at Vaughn Regional Medical Center after being trapped inside a dryer. The 28-year-old was trying to remove lint when the machine malfunctioned.