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Hiring? Remember The 3 “ C's ”

The management interview process creates a certain amount of anxiety for participants on both sides of the desk, especially if neither has done a lot of interviewing. In absence of a highly structured process it can serve both sides to remember the three Cs – credentials, chemistry and compensation.

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Higher Unemployment – Less Candidates?

Earlier this year I was in Phoenix, attending the annual Tech Summit for our laundry industry. The small talk always seemed to lead to the same question, “are you flooded with candidates these days (with the current economic climate)?” Actually the answer is no, for several reasons.

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Get Real with Real Estate

Supply and Demand. This basic business principle affects your ability to hire management talent in two critical ways. Some types of experienced candidates (e.g. chief engineer with tunnel experience) are in short supply -the demand has resulted in on going open positions and / or increasing salary levels.

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Real Estate - Fixing the Sticker Shock

Last month I addressed the dilemma of interviewing out of town candidates who have concerns about your area’s shortage of affordable housing, which then affects their comfort zone with your salary offer. 

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Do You Have A Resume?

You may have been asked this question from a recruiter, a prospective employer, or seen a classified ad that caught your eye. But are you ready to respond with a recent, well- written resume?

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Quick Rinse - News From Around The World

Gulf Coast Laundry Acquired by Swisher Hygine

CHARLOTTE, N.C. — Swisher Hygiene Inc., a provider of hygiene and sanitation products and services, announced that it acquired Gulf Coast Laundry Services of Mississippi, LLC (“Gulf Coast Laundry Services”), a Mississippibased linen services company.

Gulf Coast Laundry Services provides linen rental and laundry services throughout southern Mississippi, Louisiana and Alabama, primarily to hotel, casino and resort customers. Concurrent with the acquisition, the founder of Gulf Coast Laundry Services, David Gross, will join Swisher Hygiene and contribute to the continued growth of its linen services business.

Total consideration paid by Swisher Hygiene in connection with the acquisition includes approximately $4.8 million in cash and the issuance of a convertible promissory note which may be converted into a maximum of 350,000 shares of Swisher Hygiene common stock subject to certain restrictions, including acceptance by the Toronto Stock Exchange.